Why do Wiltshire Scouts use Google Workspace?

Wiltshire Scouts uses Google Workspace to provide Adult volunteers in the district with anywhere access to professional email, calendar, collaborative team working, video conferencing, and more. Designed to help charities do more good, this fantastic suite of tools provides Wiltshire Scout adult volunteers with access to Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and more.


  • All emails are hosted on a private enterprise class server meaning potentially sensitive information is kept safe.
  • All emails are automatically scanned for malicious content and phishing and quarantined for review by the recipient before being released/deleted by the recipient to their mailbox.
  • With a custom domain name such as your.name@wiltshirescouts.org.uk, Parents and outside organisations can be a lot more confident of your identity when receiving emails.

As adoption grows, your Wiltshire Scouts email address will give you access to more tools made available by the Digital Support team.

Find out how to setup your Google Workspace account for the first time. Get Started here!