Digital Support

Email addresses, websites and more

Wiltshire Scouts are dedicated to a Digital first future. We’ve setup a team of like-minded, technically advanced people who are here to help with all your digital and technical requirements in Wiltshire Scouts. From email addresses and websites to data dashboards and processing, our team has the knowledge and skills to get you what you need.

Website Hosting

Simple, managed and secure

Did you know Wiltshire Scouts can offer you a website? Whatever your needs, just get in touch.

From June 2023, Wiltshire Scouts will be using a new web hosting platform which will allow us to offer better security, better speeds and better access to website hosting across the County.

So... what's available?

We offer each site what they need. From a simple website for a group, to a massive district site with pages for every group and events, we can help. 

Not sure what you need? Just get in touch with us and we’ll help you out. We’ll work with you to get your site off the ground. 


While we’d like to be able to help everyone, there are some restrictions in place on our hosting platform.

  • Can be used for Groups, Districts, or events (where a dedicated website is required)
  • Must only be used for Scouting purposes.
  • Must be registered to a full appointment holder within Wiltshire Scouts. Internal checks will be carried out to validate your identity against the Compass database.
  • You must abide by our County Privacy Policy (linked at the bottom of this page)
  • Domain Names are not included, however can be managed on your behalf.

Email and Microsoft 365

Stay connected and get things done with Microsoft 365 from Wiltshire Scouts

We are currently migrating from Google to Microsoft 365

We utilise industry leading Microsoft 365 platform for our email, document storage, collaboration and online conferencing tools. With the features that Microsoft 365 provides, we’re eager as a County to expand the platform to our Districts, Groups and Units. 

These tools and hosting would normally cost thousands of pounds year but we are delighted to be able to offer it to Districts, Groups and Units for free!

What’s included in Microsoft 365?

All users have access to:

  • Outlook (Enterprise Email)
  • Office Online (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc)
  • SharePoint (document sharing)
  • Microsoft Teams (meetings and collaboration)
  • OneDrive (personal cloud document storage)

We’re unable to offer the desktop (runs on your PC/Laptop) versions of the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel etc) however most functionality is replicated in the web versions.

Account Concepts

Each user will have a personal mailbox, made up of <<firstname>>.<<lastname>> This is your username, and is used to login to Microsoft 365 and other services. Depending on your role, you may also be given a role based mailbox, <<role>> These uses shared mailboxes and allow multiple people who may share a role, access to shared emails, calendars and contact lists. 

If you have your own domain name ( you can bring it along, and use our platform.

Accessing Email

The best way to access your email is through the Outlook App for iOS and Android, or via Outlook on Web. 

*We will only be able to provide support if you are accessing your email through the Outlook App for iOS and Android.