62nd Wiltshire Midwinter Expedition

What is it?

The Wiltshire Midwinter Expedition, now in entering its 62nd year, (61 of which were consecutive – before Covid) and is probably the oldest and longest surviving continually running Expedition within Scouting in the UK! Certainly something that in Wiltshire we can be proud of.

It is a walking based expedition.

Where does it go?

As per the tradition of past years the final destination is kept SECRET until we arrive there, but we usually end up exploring the high hills and mountainous areas of the British Isles.

When is it?                                                                            

It runs between the 27th December 2022 and the 1st of January 2023

Who is it for?

Any Explorer Scout, ES Young Leader and Scout Network member aged between 14 & 25.


Any interested leaders who:

  • want to experience the Expedition
  • have a skill set needed to keep the expedition running smoothly
  • want the opportunity to develop further their hill walking and leadership skills

How to apply?

Complete an application form, which can be copied, spread the word.

The application also gives more details about what is involved.

As a ES Section Leader do I have to accompany my Scouts?

No, Unit Leaders, DESCs or Commissioners do not have to accompany their young people on the expedition, and we do have many young people who attend on their own.

Please don’t filter this information!

Even if it is something your unit doesn’t collectively want to take part in, one of the members might be interested in gaining from this experience.

Want to know more?

  • Please visit our Facebook page to find out a little more about what we get up to:


  • Want someone to come and talk to your unit email me and we can arrange a date.

Your support in helping to promote the Wiltshire Midwinter Expedition will ensure its success in years to come.

Yours in Scouting

Neil Wills

Midwinter Expedition Leader