Executive Training

Effective Executives are the key to successful and efficient Groups and Districts. There is now plenty of support available for Trustees, including GSLs and Section Leaders who have opted into their Executive Committees.

In addition to the Mandatory Training the Scout Association is running webinars to support trustees. They can be accessed through the Scout website: www.scout.org.uk/events. The next one is on

Wednesday 16th June. 7pm GSLs and Governance

There was also a webinar held recently on Running a successful AGM. This can also be accessed from the Events area of the website and watched at your convenience.

Further support is available by taking part in the non-mandatory suite of training workshops. These can be run for your Group/District and cover the following topics:

Executive Committees – An Introduction.

Officers of the Executive Committee

Finance for All

Recruitment and Induction

In the present circumstances they will be run virtually.

For more information, please contact Olwen. Trainer Executive Committees.


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